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Buyer Home Inspections

A home inspection completed after initial acceptance of your offer to identify any defects or potential safety hazards.  As the buyer, the inspection report  gives  you detailed information about needed repairs and/or maintenance that you can ask to be completed before the closing of the sale.  In many instances, your Realtor will use the inspection report to negotiate a reduction in sales price so that you can facilitate the needed repairs, allowing you to choose who completes the work.  Your Realtor can be a valuable asset in requesting repairs and/or negotiating the price of the home minus repair costs.

Seller Home Inspections

When it comes time to sell your house, a home inspection will help you identify deficiencies or needed repairs that you can correct which can expedite the entire selling/buying process. It allows you as the seller to make the needed repairs which can led to better showings to potential buyers.  Don’t get caught off guard by a buyers inspection report, or miss out on a potential buyer. Unknown needed repairs can result in compromises to your selling price and delays in the sale of your home.  You can also sell your report to a potential buyer, saving them money on buying an inspection of their own, it’s your report.

11 Month New

If you just purchased a newly built home, you should consider a home inspection before the builders warranty expires (normally 12 months). A home inspection can identify conditions or faulty workmanship that may lead to costly future repairs.  Many of the conditions or defects will often times be covered by the builders warranty which can save you money.

Safety & Maintenance

If you have lived in a home for 10+ years and never looked in your attic or crawl space, you might want to consider a home inspection. Even the best built homes require periodic maintenance. The key is identifying problems or deficiencies before they cause more damage and increase repair costs. Paint, caulking, water heaters, and plumbing connections to fixtures (i.e. sinks, tubs, showers, etc.) don’t last forever.  Repairing or completing needed maintenance of systems and components can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.  Your inspection report will identify any areas of concern, deficiencies, or needed maintenance.

Attic Inspections & Crawlspace Inspections

Most homeowners can see when a facet is leaking or a step or handrail is loose.  But, not looking in your attic or crawlspace on a regular basis can lead to large repair costs when a minor defect or repair is neglected and turns into a much needed larger repair. Don’t be caught off guard or overwhelmed by repair costs from neglecting these important areas of your home.

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